Exotic Landscaping ideas for front of house

landscaping ideas for the front of your house

Have you ever think about using exotic landscaping ideas for front of house? If you have then you need to read further to know more about the most exotic ideas for your front yard. Yes, the first idea you can apply is to use a small exotic style design gate as your front gate and then do not forget to add a small border that become a line between the front walkway of your home to with your garden. After that you can try to surround your front yard with exotic plant such as dandelion or roses. Finally for the lighting you can add a simple small lamp with oriental look for major focal point.

Simple Landscaping ideas for front of house

If you think that the first ideas are too much or need too much cost then you can try the second ideas. These ideas include a small and simple plan by using steeping stones as a walkway between your house and the front gate. This simple decoration can also be supported with a variety of different plant. However if you do not have enough room or soil for the plant you can use potted plant as the alternatives that can make your front yard looks unique and beautiful. These simple landscaping ideas for front of house also do not take too much space and can be applied for small front yard.

Gallery of Exotic Landscaping ideas for front of house