The Efficient Lazy Susan Shoe Rack

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There are some examples about Lazy Susan Shoe Rack for any bedroom or living room. Lazy Susan is the new design for any house furniture. The function of this furniture is to save any shoes inside the house. The round model of this furniture can be rotated until 180 degrees and they can replace or reshuffle the model of this furniture. This furniture is suitable for people who live in small house or apartment. This furniture doesn’t need any spacious space in any house design. There are three examples material for Lazy Susan shoe rack for any house design.

Unique DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Rack

First material for Susan shoe rack is from oak tree. This material is quite strong from any house design. Oak tree is strong but the price of this wood is quite expensive. The second example is maple tree. Maple tree is not as strong as oak tree, but this material is quite cheap for any furniture. Third example to make Lazy Susan Rack is from plastic. Plastic is quite strong for any shoe rack, but the weakness of this material is weak from fire. SO, if people want to choose the best material for DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Rack, they can choose maple tree for the material.

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