Awesome Metal Barndominium Home with Large Garage

Awesome Metal Barndominium Home with Large Garage

Barndominium is a new trend. And its fans is getting bigger. For the still uninformed few, barndominium is condo from a converted barn. That’s just a rough definition. But, in short, you’ll have the rustic live of a farmland in the comfort of a condo in this barndominium. Here’s an excellent example, a metal barndominium by Morton … Read more

Awesome 3500 sq. ft. Metal Home Building Kit –Buy it on Ebay for $36,995

Awesome 3500 sq. ft. Metal Home Building Kit

Now you have easy option in having a house, buy it as kit. Yes, like your knock-down furniture, buy your house as a kit. You can even buy it on EBay. This handiness of this pre-engineered Metal Home Building Kit probably is one of main factor of why these home kits are getting popular, aside … Read more

Superb Metal Building Home with Gigantic Garage, plus Floor Plan

Superb Metal Building Home with Gigantic Garage

Want a rugged and maintenance-free house? Try this a metal building home. Apart from the building quality, the metal exterior guarantee you of a safe environment, free from any distracting external nuisances. If you’re in need this kind of house, try contact Lester Buildings. Here’s an example of their works, a 60′ x 100′ x … Read more

Unbelievably Affordable Steel Kit Homes for $37k

Unbelievably Affordable Steel Kit Homes for $37k

Finding a suitable home can be a difficult task for some of us. But with the rise of new housing technology, now you can have your own house kit, a steel kit homes, just like a knock-down furniture. Only this one is your house. It’s pre-engineered to your needs and made from the high-quality metals. … Read more

20 Brilliant Rustic Wedding Ideas

We’ve fallen head over heels for these dreamy wedding event design and food concepts. The best part about these DIY wedding ideas, consisting of rustic centerpieces and wedding cakes? They’re simple to obtain for your own special day! Rustic Ceremony Arch Draped in linen and decorated in flowers, a basic wooden arbor ends up being … Read more

20 Best Southern House Plans

Southern house plans are normally constructed of wood or brick with pitched or gabled roofings that typically have dormers. Southern house plans integrate classical functions like columns, pediments, and shutters and some designs have intricate porticoes and cornices remembering aspects of pre-Civil War plantation architecture. To make living in the humid environments of the South … Read more

21 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas to Amaze Your Guests

Keep your wedding budget in talk to sensational Do It Yourself decor concepts that are so pretty, visitors will never think you made them yourself. Petal Toss Bar Set up a little table where visitors can collect a cone full of petals to toss on the newlyweds as they walk pull back the aisle. The … Read more

19 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Reception

Depending upon your venue agreement, there might be a few limitations when it pertains to the type of décor you can bring in or alterations you can make to the space. For example, a museum or historical wedding event place most likely won’t be okay with changing or damaging their walls in any way (think: … Read more

Best 10 Small House Plans Ideas

Small House Plans focus on an effective use of space that makes the house feel bigger. Strong outdoor connections include spaciousness to little floor plans. Little homes are more economical to build and preserve than bigger houses. Small House Plans 1 Small House Plan 2 Small House Plan 3 Small House Plan 4 Small House … Read more

Best 15 Brown Kitchen Ideas for 2019

Mountain Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Brown is by far the most popular color for incorporation into kitchen area design, with 41.28% of our survey responders wishing to use it in their kitchen– or perhaps already utilizing it by chance. Despite its typical usage, making brown look good in your kitchen style can be a bit hard due to the fact … Read more