Best Easy DIY Chicken Coop Plans You Can Build

If you’d love to take care of your chicken and wanna make it comfortable and healthy grows up, you need to think about the place where the chicken life first! And how about make it by yourself? Why not? That’s not an impossible things anyway. Also, that is not as hard as you think. Don’t … Read more

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10 Tiny House Plans For Your Frugal Life

One of the trending movements these days are tiny house movement, where people live a simple life in tiny houses, usually sized under 500 square per feet. This movement advocates minimalist lifestyle, eco-friendly choices, and financial prudence. Tiny houses are perfect for those who wants to live modestly, wants to minimize financial costs, or those … Read more

10 Inspiring and Cozy Cottage House Plans

A cottage is usually associated as an old-fashioned building, but these days, it is reformed through many different styles. It is usually characterized by its small size and only has one floor, but now a cottage is no longer limited to those characteristics. It can be a huge or tall building with unique layout and … Read more

Best Inspiring Small House Plans

Small House Plans

Many people seek for beautiful small house plans, but the lot requirement is just too big or too expensive and they do not have the money or the needed space. It is especially hard in urban area, where the population and the infrastructure just keeps growing and growing without end in sight. Therefore, they have … Read more

Stylish Modern House Plans For Your Modern Living

Modern House Plans

These days, so many people seek for modern house plans because of its characteristics. Modern architectural style emphasizes a lot on how a house functions rather than how it looks. Despite so, by using geometrical shapes yet simple design, it manage to look unique, stylish, and never seem to be out of date. Not to … Read more

25 Awesome Bullet Journal Ideas to Boost your Motivation

Journaling is a great way to creatively log your day. You can create lists for life, food, birthday, anniversary or even tasks. You also need bullet journal ideas that can keep you motivated at work. It sounds easily you can make. But here, sometimes when you want to make this stunning idea and already begin … Read more

Awesome Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas On A Budget


Outdoor Kitchen Ideas – Kitchen is taking a part of essential place in home. This is because kitchen used to cook all the foods and beverage. Many old style kitchens are located inside of home. If you have blank space area outside of your home, you can design your own kitchen in your yard. You … Read more

Elegant Small Bedroom Design Ideas (Stylish, Art Touching, and Clean)


Small Bedroom Design Ideas – Bedroom is very private area for life. In bedroom, we usually spend our spare time and take a rest. Many wall decorations. In the modern era, we live in big city sometime provide small size space of bedroom. But it can be resized and shaped by your sense art. Although … Read more

Amazing Modern Bathroom Design Ideas to Increase Home Values


Modern Bathroom Design Ideas – Many color which can be painted in the room including applying it in bathrooms. Commonly bathrooms are designed with the color of black-white and manual tools within. However in today, many variations and decorations which are implemented in bathroom. We can use many colors as we like and add some … Read more