Creative Landscaping ideas for front yard

front landscaping ideas for small yards

Applying creative landscaping ideas for front yard can make your home exterior looks good and unique. There are several inspirations that you can try to use. For examples you can try to get the inspiration from various movies especially movie that have unique house with beautiful exterior garden or yard. A good example will be classic renaissance, Victorian era movies or revolution era movies such as the three musketeers and Sherlock Holmes that offer both classic era garden and front yard. Other than these ideas you can also try the country style garden like we often see in a small farmyard.

Beautiful Landscaping ideas for small front yard

For people who have small front yard, they can easily use a simple idea by decorating their front yard with potted plant with various plant types. A good potted plant that can be applied is bonsai, flowers, and exotic plant. This decorative plant can be put in the ground or decorated on a stand that has been applied into the front yard for neater look. Additionally you can also add a small walkway for you using a landscape stone for unique front yard style. Finally to complete these landscaping ideas for small front yard you can also add a small gnome statue to beautify your front garden.

Gallery of Creative Landscaping ideas for front yard