30++ Awesome Backyard Pool Ideas with Gorgeous Landscaping Designs

A nice dip in the hottest day would be most agreeable for most of us. Burn the calories and have a little rest under the pergola or a pool bar, sipping favorite drinks, will be the best escape from the daily chores. And if you can do it in your own pool, which would be even more satisfying.

Want to build your own pool? With an ample space in your backyard, you can have the pool. Whether it’ll be an in ground pool or above ground pools, it’s up to you. Complete the pool with the suitable landscaping, and you’ll have the best place to chill out in the hottest days.

Now, here we have some 30++ Awesome Backyard Pool Ideas with Gorgeous Landscaping Designs. No more words, let’s just get down to them.

Table of Contents

1. Lap Pool with Small Waterfalls in a Rustic Setting

2. Small L-Shaped Pool for an Elegant Backyard

Now you probably have problem with the spot for your dream pool. You don’t have enough garden or backyard to make big regular pool. But now you can make a small but is also equally refreshing as the big one. And you can have almost limitless pool shapes, not only the regular rectangular. With its variety of materials, you can even won’t need to dig deep into your pocket. Once finished, don’t forget to complete the pool with your favorite landscaping themes.

3. Small Pool with Tropical landscapingm

4. An Elegant In-ground Mediterranean Pool Design

5. Small Contemporary Pool with Natural Elements

You’ll have many benefits with a small backyard pool. The most important is that you’ll have an easy to maintain pool. Whether in-ground or above ground, a small pool won’t need much cost to maintain. You also save further with small landscaping accompanying the pool, like a mini waterfall, lawn, potted flowers, or trellised plants.

6. Cozy Pool Ideas for Small Backyard

7. Minimalist Lap Pool Surrounded by Nature

8. Long Elegant backyard Exercise Pool

A limited space doesn’t mean that you won’t have a representative pool. Try a lap pool, like this example. This rectangular pool type usually has longish shape, to help you stay in shape with the long swimming path.

The rectangular shape looks boring in its basic forms. But you can always improve the look with additional features like the types (above or in-ground) the choice of materials (natural or man-made), its lighting (in pool, outdoor lamps) and its landscaping.

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9. Classic Mediterranean Pool Ideas For Backyard

10. Small Curvy Pool with Japanese Style Landscaping

11. Contemporary Half Circle Backyard Pool

If you feel a rectangular pool is too ordinary, try something contemporary, like this half circle pool. It’s good for a limited backyard, and it give you elegant and contemporary look. Combine it with the suitable landscaping. In this case, the pool blends well with the coral-themed landscape.

The coral and half-circle pool are dominated by whitish colors. To balance them, you have the refreshing red wall and a dab of black from the door frames. The results is charming and fresh pool you’d like to dip into and remind you to some Mediterranean seaside pool.

12. Lush Green Modern Lap Pool

13. Above-ground Wooden Backyard Pool

Previously, you have a half cycle pool with scenic coral landscaping. Now you have full grown circle pool. This above-ground pool looks rustic and modern in its wooden structure. It blends the warmness of the wood and the freshness air of the crystal-clear water. The lush green landscaping add the refreshing tone to the utmost.
This above-ground pool also has a nice benefit: you can use its edge as lounging table. Just add the bar stools around it, and you can have nice hangout place.

14. Modern-Rustic Backyard Pool

15. Charming and Classic Indoor Pool

16. Tropical Backyard Pool with Tiki Hut

17. Minimalist Seaside Infinity Pool with Tropical Landscape

18. Rustic Backyard Pool with Natural Stone Border

19. Classic Pool Inspiration in Grecian Style

20. Luxurious Backyard Pool with Stone and Natural Landscape

21. Minimalist Pool in Beach Style

22. Backyard Infinity Pool with Outdoor Sitting Area and Fireplace

23. Multifunction Cozy Backyard Pool

24. Backyard Pool with Aquatic Theme

25. Romantic Lighting for a Contemporary Backyard Pool

26. Infinity Pool in one with Nature

27. Pool in Peaceful Zen Garden with Floating Wooden Dock

If you want the Eastern serenity touches your pool, this pool is best your inspiration. You have a pool sets in the middle of a Zen garden. All elements are in a purpose: to harmoniously blend into one with the nature. And you see here the result: a peaceful pool surrounded with natural landscaping suitable for your retreat or meditation. The floating deck add a modern touch to this classic Eastern pool.

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28. Contemporary Backyard Pool with Natural Waterfall Landscape

This modern backyard pool offers a beautiful feature, the natural-looking waterfall. If you want the sensation of dipping into a natural spring fed by a small waterfall, this will be yours. This pool also has a hot tub where you can see the pool, waterfall, and the house unite into a single scenic view. The lighting adds the dramatic air of the pool.

29. Modern Minimalist Lap Pool with Rustic Setting

30. Charming Backyard Pool with Green Landscape

31. Violin-shaped Contemporary Backyard Pool with Awesome Lighting

Here is the most contemporary pool in this list. You have a violin-like pool, complete with its string in the form of in pool lighting. This one is perfect for you, if you’re a fans of classical music –or you yourself a maestro. And the lighting and landscaping work perfectly in making this pool stand out.

32. Luxurious Backyard Pool with In Pool Lighting

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