Covered Patio Ideas to make your home looks stylish

covered patios ideas

Having a covered patio ideas on your house can become a great point that will enhance the artistic design and the function of your home exterior. Of course, it will not be easy to make a good patio design. Covered patio is much more preferable this day than the traditional open patio design because with the cover we can still enjoy the patio even when it is rain or snowing. Additionally, it will also make our home loos majestic and grand. For you who are interested in making a covered patio design here are some tips for you

Outdoor Covered Patio Ideas tips and guide

First of all, you need to plan the size of the patio, it is important because you need to plan for the cover size that will fit with your patio size. Additionally, planning for the design of the cover is also important in order to blend it with your house design. Second, you need to choose between wooden flooring and concrete flooring. For a natural style it is a good idea to use wooden flooring, additionally it is cheaper than concrete flooring. However, of you plan to make a patio that can last longer, concrete flooring is a good choice. Finally, you also need to blend the furniture with your outdoor covered patio ideas, for examples, it is a good choice to use classic furniture if you are using concrete patio design.

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