Amazing Modern Bathroom Design Ideas to Increase Home Values

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas – Many color which can be painted in the room including applying it in bathrooms. Commonly bathrooms are designed with the color of black-white and manual tools within.

However in today, many variations and decorations which are implemented in bathroom. We can use many colors as we like and add some modern bathroom stuff.

Astonishing Marbles Bathroom and Double Bathtub

modern bathroom design ideas

Many people imagine that they have great building material. Today, many ideas and developments of buildings bathroom has never ended. Although, they have small bathroom size, it can be decorated as well as possible to have best decoration.

This bathroom design will help people to take idea as their bathroom based on their dreams to have it.

This design is built with white dominant color on all part of bathroom including the wall, bathtub, water closet or toilet and others except the spigot and lamp decoration in gold color.

The wall and the floor are arranged with natural marbles. Bathtub also is made from marbles. The most point important thing is the layout of the bathroom must be counted and designed as well as possible to have space within.

Although, it looks small room, but if we can arrange it as well and efficient as possible, it will look glamour and expensive room. If we take a bath within, it will reduce our cluttered mind from the busy activity.

Grand White Bricks and Square Metal Frame Ideas in Bathroom


In the past, bathroom was covered by full of the wall. This designed is still used in today. However, this design can be developed again to have futuristic bathroom.

The bathroom design must be looked so artistic and comfortable to do taking bath in it. Therefore, people must think about the change of the bathroom’ wall to cover it. This form idea is by covering it with the metal frames in form of square which are collaborated with the glasses.

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This model represented as the visionary model of bathroom in the future. This model is called as French doors because the showers activity looks as window-like.

French doors are made of metal frame which look like transparent window, this model is luxurious model or it can be said as timeless model which provide the people to apply it without worrying of too old model.

This model also helps people to be relaxer in bathroom while taking shower. Although we have smaller space of bathroom, it can be designed as its model because it is applicable to apply it and it will look larger bathroom space.

Luxury Modern Bathroom Design Ideas


We may often look bathroom with the colorful painted and dominantly with moist. So it looks dirty and uncomfortable room. It will affect our positive mind when we do showering within.

This model offers serious innovation to solve those problems. This bathroom model is dominantly with the gold and gold color. The table is colored with the white while the wall of the bathroom and its floor are made from marbles.

The shower is colored with the gold. Because the composition mostly comes from marbles, it will treat the owner to be comfortable and the situation of its bathroom will be easily to dry.

Thus, it looks so clean. This is glamour design by adding marbles and touching artful gold color for the shower stuff. This model is very elegant, expensive looks, artful and stylish model in the future. So it is timeless decoration for bathroom.

Incredible Modern High Tech for Bathroom


We live in modern era; all gadgets can be easily found in every side of life. It is also happened for bathroom stuff. Mostly bathrooms use manual stuff including the shower stuff, bathtub to set water volume, and there are no the tools or regulator to set up the room temperature.

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Today, people do not worry about that. All design of bathroom can be added with the full of modern stuff. The lamp of bathroom is covered with the glasses which have color of pink, blue and white.

Those combinations persuade the owner feeling to take a bath longer than before because they will feel so relax. The room temperature can be ruled by certain degree as you like.

An automatic shower also can used by remote control either to fill the bathtub or directly showering under its stuff. Those stuffs combine both modern and artistic bathroom. Those are also as the elaborations of wonderful, artistic and elegant bathroom feeling.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas with Wood Flooring


Bathroom identically is only for taking a bath. But, it can be used to save some things within. It does not mean bad, it is only style of bathroom to decorate with many storages, so it can fill some blank spaces in the room to build up storages.

This bathroom style is decorated with the wood both the floor and the roof. This style can be called as “craziest storages bathroom maniac” because you can decorate many storages in your bathroom.

This is used to save soap, cream, dental paste, any towels, your clothes, and others. This designed is by manipulating room corner. Those storages can be made either from metal or woods with many windows of storages.

Let say if you want to put the dry towel practically, which one is better if you want to put in the hanging form or put it in the storage?. It will be more practical by put it in storage.

Therefore, this style helps you to have futuristic bathroom design for your own bathroom. This is timeless style of bathroom.

Creative Bathroom Black – White Touching


The color sometime appears certain mood for us in daily activity. Every person has his own favorite color; it is usually for boostering positive mood by viewing it.

As previous and past color style of bathroom, it is mostly serving white color. But, you can provide your imaginative and creative color by scratching white and black. The style layout depends on you such as zigzag, circle and so on.

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This layout is put on the wall, floor, roof or any side of your bathroom. In writer point of view, this is viewed so unique style, beside using two color both black and white, it elaborates with any style of layouts.

Harmony Monochrome Wall Layout


Every people have their own style sense. You can decorate it on the wall, floor, and roof in your bathroom. This is very important to trigger your art sense.

This style layout explores monochrome style with the color grey. This layout is only put on the wall. So it can be called as “modern monochrome bathroom”.

To apply this style, first you paint all the side of the wall by white color then adhering with the layout paper monochrome décor or if you can paint it by yourself to apply monochrome style.

Basic color is white, it is because white is timeless and can be proper to mix with other color. This layout looks very modern stylish and timeless bathroom decoration.

Those are style of modern bathroom design ideas as you may apply in your own bathroom. Those provide timeless, modern, futuristic style including the wall, floor, storages, modern bathroom stuff, and other.

You are not only focusing in one décor style, you may combine all of those styles to be one style in your bathroom design. Those models will lead you to be more comfortable, enjoyable, privately in your own bathroom.