20+ Simple Ways to Track Your Mental Health with a Bullet Journal

Mental health tracking? By yourself? Yes, with a simple way of keeping bullet journaling, you can keep track your mental health easily. Bullet Journal? It’s a cool way to keep your daily activities and else in a list style. It also a diary. So you have an artistic scheduler and a to-do list in this bullet journal. Can’t wait to track your mental health level with this unique stuff? Let’s check it out.

Table of Contents

1. Need to find your mood this year round? Make a Daily Mood Tracker

With this daily mood tracker, you’ll see your overall mood at the end of year. Easy?

2. Self-care Trackers with Graphs on Your Daily Spread

On your spread, keep self-care habits trackers plus the graph of your mood along with it. Along the time, you see the degree of variation of your habits with the trackers.

3. Mood Tracker in Inside Out Style to Always Cheer up Your Days

See? You have a cute pixel style mood trackers here.

4. A simple info chart on Your Meds

Keep a medical tracker on your bullet journal. So you can keep track all the dosage, side-effects, and else easily. Interesting?

5. A Gratitude Chart Page to Keep You Humble

It’s good for the mental health to write your gratitude daily. Keep a page of gratitude chart for it.

6. Sleep Log to See You Have Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep affects your mental health in the long run. So keep track of your sleeping with this sleeping log.

7. Trigger Tracking Chart to Help You See Your Triggered Conditions

A panic attack is not the best experience. So keep track on any triggered conditions with this trigger tracking chart.

8. A Cute Happiness Spread for Sweet Reminders in Gloomy Days

Happiness just like gratitude should be on your bullet journal. Keep a spread for your happy moments. It will be sweet to read back in your dark moments.

9. A Post-Therapy Chart for Easy Debriefing After Therapy

Putting down all your thought after a long therapy session on this chart will ease your burden. It also helps you keep track the therapy sessions you’ve done.

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10. Self-care Ideas Chart to Keep

It keeps you to remember all those nice self-care ideas that helps you in shape and happy.

11. Mood Tracker with Graphs to Show Your Mood’s Peaks and Valleys

This graph mood tracker will come handy for you with mathematical mind.

12. Mood tracker for Doodlers

See the cute mood trackers? This doodler’s mood tracker helps you to keep smiling and inking in your bad days.

13. Self-care Goals Chart to Keep You on Focus

Stay on focus with your self-care goals with this chart.

14. Journaling Prompts to Keep Track Your Self-Reflections Day-by-day

A simple journaling prompt keep your self-reflections simple and handy for end-year reviews.

15. Mood garden to Track Your Emotional Health

A graph with color-code doodle flowers help you see your mood levels in daily basis easily.

16. Minimalist Symptom Tracker for Easy Symptom Tracking

Track all your health problems (or symptoms) with this simple Symptom tracker. It’s easy to fill up and to follow.

17. For the Crappy Emotions set a Spread of This Poop-themed Tracker

Yes, set a portion of your bullet journal for your shitty moments. It’s good for your mental health. It’s so relieving. Right?

18. Compare Your Sleeping Time with Your Good Mood with These Side-by-side Chart

See the relation of your sleeping time with your good moods with this pair of charts.

19. Habits and Feelings Chart to Track the Relations

This chart help you keep tag on the relation between your habits and your feelings.

20. A Handsome Gratitude for Goodness on Your Life

This cool Gratitude log is a handy reminder for every good moment in your life.

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21. Don’t Forget to Put Your “Me-time” in the Bullet Journal

Chart your most-deserved me-time moments in this cart. And be grateful.

So, it’s easy to keep track your mental health, right? With just a bullet journal. Interested? Get started now.

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