50+ Amazing Sliding Barn Door Ideas

Today, barn doors are not only for barn anymore. Barn doors become a popular interior décor pieces, which are used for any room at home.

Wide sliding barn doors can give cozy yet rustic look to any room. Moreover, it also becomes a perfect room divider that gives style.

Sliding barn doors are excellent in function and aesthetic benefit. They are very space savers, because any traditional swing door usually requires 9 feet and even more area to function properly.

For both large and small house, the barn door can work best with fewer space needed.

Besides, barn door is also an excellent support system. It uses track for its movement that help distributed weight of the door along the track length.

Even the installation is heavier than any usual door, it will be easier to move and better in stability.

Talking about aesthetic benefits, sliding barn door will work best for you. You can find thousand options of sliding barn door with rustic feel like in outdoor, yet can create a fabulous contrast when it is used indoors.

It seems like it was taken from the barn outside your home then used inside. Surprisingly, it creates warm and inviting feel in your home.

You also can use it to any room from bedroom to home office. when you desire the more modern appealing, adding polished look to match the wall is a great idea.

Corporate it with other modern wall hangings surround. If you have small space where every single inch counts, having sliding barn doors is a solution because it is so much handy.

Even you need to have adjacent wall space for the door slide over when opened, it is more space economical than swing door.

Kids Bathroom Privacy

For bathroom privacy in this kids bedroom, the barn door is very eye-catching.

Contemporary Master Bedroom

You can make custom sliding barn door like this barn door made by Reclaimed Lumber Products.

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Farmhouse Bathroom

This interior barn door has flat track hardware. It is simple yet welcoming.

Modern Aesthetic

For modern aesthetic appeal, this sliding barn door hardware is perfect. Designed by Krown Lab, it is totally eye-catching.

Barn Door Shutters

For your living room in farmhouse style, this Sliding barn door shutters will be excellent.

Transitional Dining Barn Door

The red barn door becomes focal point. It looks perfect with the entire view of the classic dining table.

Modern Farmhouse Style

This modern farmhouse dining room looks impressive with the barn door made of dark wood.

Phenomenal Pantry

Perfect your lovely kitchen with beautiful pantry organization to organize supplies. The barn door is excellent.

Glass Breezeway

You also would love this glass breezeway that features sliding barn door. It helps to control wind entering the room.

Exterior Barn Door

This exterior barn door becomes a perfect divider to enter your amazing garden space from indoor.

Repurposed Red Sliding Door

This red sliding barn door is reused from a boarding house. It looks charming and aesthetic.

Chalkboard Double Door

Get versatile sliding barn door for contemporary kids bedroom. It is versatile and highly aesthetic.

Pretty Double Door

The sliding barn door is classic, clean and super pretty. The soft color is amazing.

Large Barn Door

I personally love this big barn door which is so warm with tons of details.

Modern Sleek Barn Door

This unfussy barn door add inviting look in the bedroom. the door is clean in style and very crisp, simple yet eye-catching for any room style and décor.

Luxury Mediterranean

For you the big fan of Mediterranean look, this sliding barn door is an excellent addition. Especially if you have the space for wine room or wine cellar, the barn door makes the room warmer.

Red Double Barn Door

I personally love this burst of the color. It works great if you have no room for big door, so these smaller double doors are best solution.

Hidden Bunk Bed

You also would love this genius and fun use of doors. It is excellent for space saving, and fun to hide the bunk bed in a family room.

Industrial Style Barn Door

This Industrial Chic sliding barn door is both cool and eye-catching, perfect for contemporary home design.

Black Barn Door

Add more warmth in your room with this black barn door. The door also helps concealing any entertainment components such as television, it is pretty amazing.

Modern Rustic Bunk

This rustic barn door has masculine and classic feel. It’s perfect as kid’s bunk area.

White Office Barn Door

You also would love these double doors which are traditional, classic yet highly artistic. Also, there is a window at the top that help making the space feel more spacious. It will be a nice office area to work.

Double Crisscross Barn Door

The color of this sliding barn door is everything. Also, its crisscross detail can add elegant touch with little drama.

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Unique Closet Door

For your closet area, this sliding barn door will work best. It is a creative way to enclosure your closet area.

Classy Modern Cottage

If you want to enhance room with beautiful detail and pretty look, this will be best option. The barn door adds a classy cottage look.

Window Treatment

This will be a great alternative to window treatment with lovely detail and color.

Reclaimed Barn Door

I personally love this reclaimed wood sliding door. It will add more contemporary style in your home. Also, the hardware along at the top of sliding door becomes a very attractive addition.

Orange Barn Door

If you need the more inviting barn door, this will be excellent. It provides amazing punch of color you’ll love.

Cozy Bathroom Door

Add luxury in your bathroom with this beautiful rustic door. It leads into the more luxurious bathroom space with more privacy and comfort. The door also perfectly divide laundry and bathroom area.

Guest Laundry

Cleverly use sliding doors to transform hallway space to be an excellent guest laundry area. It is space saving and brilliant!

Small Rustic Barn Door

I also love the size of the door, it is smaller yet fit. Also, its color that exudes warmth is so refreshing.

Sleeping Niche

Adding sliding barn door is a brilliant way to cover sleeping niche. You can hide in here while reading book or playing game.

Sturdy Wooden Barn Door

This classic and sturdy door also looks clean. It is a smart choice for contemporary room style.

Crisscross Gray Door

The gray color is nice, with beautiful crisscross design that definitely adds beautiful detail to make the room warmer and more artistic.

Barn Door in Blue

You also would love this pop color with pretty shade of blue. Also, there is black and dark hardware that add nice touch to the entire elements.

Contemporary Twist Door

It is a super stylish contemporary barn door with spin.

Driftwood Elegance

The elegance and charm look of this gray sliding door made of driftwood is everything.

Fresh and Modern

If you are looking for sliding barn door for loft space, this one is excellent. It is modern and fresh, perfect with small window. Comes with warm and rich of color, it will be perfect focal point.

Teal Pop

Teal is always refreshing. Like this teal pop barn door, it is simple yet so elegant.

Space for Hide

The barn door will cover the area where kids can draw on the walls. Nice!

Salvaged Door

Add elegant touch into your bathroom with this pretty salvaged door. This old-fashioned door is eye-catching.

Three-Panel Kitchen Pantry

To organize your supplies and hardware, this three panel door is perfect. It is stylish and elegant.

White Barn Door

This barn door gives a fresh atmosphere to the room and I literally love it so much. It has unique hardware in metallic light gray that looks perfectly matches with the white door the color paint of wall.

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Double Master Bath

Barn door in this master bath is both functional and aesthetic benefit. It is excellent way to add privacy with simple clean look that is so eye-pleasing.

Double Glass Door

The smoked window glass is decorative. It lets more lights through and add aesthetic appealing in the room.

Classic Barn Door

The door just exude warmth with its color. It has classic style which is unique, typically found in south home style.


The sliding barn door comes with tons of detail which is unique and stylish. It will be a smart way to separate area to control the light in.

Gray Pantry

This gray barn door in the pantry is so much stylish.

Double Sliding Barn

Perfect your room with this warm, contemporary clean double sliding door. It conceals and reveal bar area.

Super Big White

This big white barn door is timeless, traditional and clean. It can brighten up your space.

Fantastic Farmhouse

What a fantastic farmhouse door, it is sleek with white and dark features that looks so contrast.

Eclectic Texture

If you need a barn door with eclectic texture, this will be great choice. It add sleekness in the room which is very eye-pleasing.

Brilliant Hallway Space

Utilize hallway space by adding storage covered by a stylish barn door. It is brilliant idea.

Ship Lap Surprise

The ship lap can perfectly matches the wall and it is very clever. It also perfectly hide the room or pantry area.

Modern and Rustic

When rustic meets modern, it creates a stunning look. Anyway, it is a smart way to divide office room.

Handle 2 You

Industrial meets funky style in this sliding barn door. It is eye-catching and super stylish. Love it!

Dark Contemporary

The sliding barn door is rich of color with simple elegant design. I personally love this contemporary sliding barn door.

Gorgeous Farmhouse Style Door

You will love this gorgeous farmhouse barn door. It is perfect to any room in your home.

Cover The TV

The barn door can perfectly cover TV and entertainment unit. It is cozy and so clean. You can easily transform the room from conversation area to entertainment area.

3 Window Traditional

The detail and texture of this barn door is very amazing. It along the top window is also very charming and inviting.

Hopefully the sliding barn door ideas above can inspire you and help you deciding what’s best for your own home.

If you’re handy with tools, consider DIY barn door installation. If you are not a good diy worker, better to hire professional.

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