21 Stylish Farmhouse Living Room Ideas You Should Try

It may not be as easy to design a living room as it seems. You should remember a lot of things.

What theme, color palette, furniture, and many more will you pick. If in simplicity you like beauty, you can seek the concept of a farmhouse living room.

Neutral colors and organic materials are the key to the farmhouse living room. Rustic furniture is therefore a must-have piece for lovers of farmhouse fashion.

Farmhouse style brings back old-time memories, but it also survives in the current and modern age.

Would you like to try to build a farmhouse-style living room, but have no idea where to start? Don’t worry.

We’ve got 30 elegant living room farmhouse idea that you can pursue. Are you already curious? We’re going to find out and scroll down.

Old Coffin as the Table

With these farmhouse furniture, design your dream farmhouse living room. You can use an old coffin as a table instead of buying a modern table and put on it some country decorations like flowers in old pots, classic books, and whatever you want. A rustic wooden floor may also be the room’s best choice. You can add some metal decorations like chandelier, but you can choose the non-shining one.

Old Tea Pot as Flower Vase

Do you have any old stuff in your warehouse? Do not throw them away. In your living room, you can reuse them as decorations, like old tea pot as a flower vase, old wooden coffin like a bed, and many others. It can also be a great storage and decoration for a vintage cabinet. In order to create a shiplap wall, you can mix the wall with the pastel color paint and add some wood boards.

Do you think it’s worth trying this idea?

The Vintage Look

Back to the 80s and put back the memories of childhood by building your farmhouse-style living room. Get a unique rustic table and other decorations including old clock, small candlestick. Farmhouse and many other furniture. With a fine wood floor, you can layout your floor to maximize the room’s elegance.

So, you like the idea?

White Farmhouse Living Room

White is the same as the living room in the farmhouse. What’s better than the milk’s color? The room can also be decorated with semi-white brick wall and some farmhouse-like wall decorations such as ox skull and rattan decorations are added. Make the room greener by adding indoor plants like cactus to the room.

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What do you think of this idea of living room in a farmhouse? Would you like to try this idea soon?

Rustic Furniture

The key to the perfect farmhouse living room is rustic furniture. Get the antique rustic table and put on it some country decorations like glass vase flower and wooden jar herbs. Don’t forget to use some rustic decorations to decorate your wall. You can also use a rustic rug to cover the floor.

Looks so incredible, right? Are you fond of this idea?

Black and White Farmhouse Living Room

Black and white can be your rustic room’s ideal color palette. Get a nice white sofa and put on it some black and gray white pillows. Add some rustic furniture like a wooden table and rack that is unpolished. You should put some aromatherapy candles on the table to make the living room feel more comfortable. It can also be nice to have a gray rug to cover your room.

So, would you like to try this concept of a farmhouse living room?

Rustic Shiplap Ceiling

Are you too boring on the white ceiling? To create shiplap ceiling, you can install wood boards. Use a luxurious chandelier to add a little detail to your ceiling. Get a cozy sofa and a pretty rustic table. Several decorations like books and indoor plants can be put on the table. Make sure you get enough light in your room.

So, how do you think of the idea?

Farmhouse Style for Not Too Spacy Room

The farmhouse style gives a feeling of home and comfort. You don’t have to move to a countryside to experience this feeling because in a modern and minimalist house you can try to apply the farmhouse style. Look at this style and let’s see if this idea can be tried. Get your table with a wooden coffin and put some decorations on it. Vertical wood planks can also be mounted on the wall as a decoration.

It looks so elegant and simple right?

Gray Shiplap Wall

Rustic gray wooden wall for your farmhouse living room can be a perfect idea. Attach a cozy brown sofa and a few pillows. Get an unpainted wooden table and put on it some decorations such as candles for aromatherapy, a small indoor herb, or your favorite classic novel. For your living room too, a retro table lamp can be a great decoration.

What are you thinking of this idea? Would you like to try this idea?

All You Need is Comfort

Bring joy to your living room by incorporating important aspects like a cozy sofa and fluffy pillows. Attach a little indoor plant to the room to make your room greener. You may install white shiplap wall to identify the room’s farmhouse theme and add some country wall decorations.

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Do you think it looks comfortable in this living room?

Farmhouse Living Room Idea for Small Living Room

Does your living room have just a little space? Do not worry, because for your living room it is not impossible to get a farmhouse style. Instead of a big sofa, you can add a little white bench and put some comfortable pillows on it. Decorate the wall to make it more elegant with some farmhouse wall decoration. You can also add a table lamp to the decoration of the living room.

So easy, and it doesn’t take too much room, right? So, would you like to try this idea?

Old Milk Can Table

Get all the genuine living room of the farmhouse by putting quite a detail to your living room like this special DIY milk table can. Design your white room and spruce up the room with the same color furniture as well. Don’t hesitate to use a rug to cover your wooden floor. This living room in the farmhouse looks so comfortable and elegant, right?

What are you thinking of this idea? Would you like to try this idea?

Add Some Decorations on Your Table

You can add to your table some vintage decorations such as these old books, vintage clock, decoration keys, and simple flower decoration for an authentic rustic look. This decoration will enhance the beauty of the living room in your farmhouse. All you need to get rid of shiny things when you model a farmhouse living room.

Do you have any old stuff in your warehouse? Why don’t you try to decorate them?

Monochrome Farmhouse Living Room

Monochrome can be an ideal design for your living room in a farmhouse. It fits perfectly with the style. You can decorate the room in white, have some monochrome items like the black and white pillows, the decoration of the blanket and the wall. Through incorporating such decorations such as a vintage lantern and rustic carpets, describe the farmhouse theme.

Are you fond of this idea?

Luxurious Farmhouse Living Room

Would you like to try the style of a farmhouse living room but don’t want to abandon the feel of luxury? Okay, this notion of living room can be attempted. You can choose a good wood floor, make an indoor fireplace in the living room, and find a bunch of great living room sofa.

Doesn’t it look so luxurious? Would you like to try this idea?

The Fruit Decoration

Spruce up your living room with these decorations to describe the atmosphere of the countryside. Containers of rattan, pumpkins, roses and a shade of antique. In lieu of building the space with brick walls, by bulding your living room with glass walls, you can choose to enjoy the beauty of the landscape outside the house.

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What are you feeling about it? Looks great, isn’t it?

Old Ladder for Photo Display

Does your warehouse have an unused old ladder? Don’t throw that away. You can use it as a photo display for your family. Place it close to the window to get the best light and put some decorations with an old fashioned telephone and antique table lamp like a classic table. Looks great, okay?

Would you think this idea should be tried?

Wooden Furniture and Decoration

Another notion for you in the rustic iving house. Get an elegant wooden table and decorate it with a rose. Hold the room in the same range of colors. As you can see in the photo, you can decorate the wall with wooden decorations too.

So, you like this idea of decorating?

Comfort is the Most Important Thing

Comfort is the most important thing about having a living room in a farmhouse. Get a wooden bench and put on it a nice mattress. Cover with bone white colored carpet your fine wood floor and decorate the wall with old windows. A vintage lantern can also be used as a decoration.

How do you think about this idea of decorating a vintage farmhouse? You think this idea should be tried?

French Country Idea

Create a romantic and traditional living room in a farmhouse with this design in France. You might try the uncommon concept of a brick base. Bring the country feels like these classic tables and rattan chairs by adding some European vintage furniture. You can also add to the ceiling a little decoration. Do not forget to use some plants and flowers to decorate the room too.

Do you like the style of romance? Then the concept of living room is a must.

Country Decoration for A Perfect Farmhouse Look

Country decorations for your farmhouse living room can be a perfect idea. Get a rustic cabinet and put on it some decorations like an ancient glass vase, vintage lantern, and indoor plant. Apply some decorations, including rattan plates, to the wall as well. Looks awesome, right?

So, you think you’re going to try this idea?

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