Tile Flooring Ideas

Tile Flooring Ideas – Tile is the one element that has to apply inside the home to increase the appearance more beautiful.

You could display the tile on the flooring surface. So, it is a great idea to fit in the tile on a centerpiece on the living room.

Sound like the risky idea but you could put up and mix-match to make the interior’s atmosphere unique.

Here is the introduction of the most gorgeous tile flooring ideas that ‘highly recommended’ to your room.

All design is mesmerizing and also make the point of view admirable. Keep reading on for great inspiration design to your room.

1. Floral Motif Tile

Keep reading on for great inspiration design to your room. It is such a very creative idea for applying on bathroom flooring.
floral floor ideas
That gives the interior atmosphere more fresh with a printed floral design tile.

When you are entering inside your bathroom, make the view like walking on the flowers ground.

This named Candela, popular and the most gorgeous tile design inspired from the Museum range by Peronda.

Candela ideas design is far from ordinary, because of a glazed porcelain tile that looks elegant and modern.

Besides that, a fascinating design was made by a printed fabric simple by designer Juan Vidal.

Don’t hesitate to apply the lamps from Tiffany lamps, it will create an artistic view.

2. Unusual Tile Designs

The animal tile design is the most popular and high demand in the world, especially for fit in bathroom flooring.

It’s one and only butterflies design, exactly grey butterfly which is such as monochrome as unusual for the flooring design.

This extraordinary tile design from the Papillon collection. If you look on more closely, it is hand-painted butterflies ceramic tiles inspired by New York. The creator of designer Ruben Toledo.

The details of a porcelain stoneware flooring in below. The touched of tiny butterflies motif make the detail more artistic and matched as a clean room. It took from the Selection Floor collection inspired by Ceramiche Supergrass.

Artistic and white color such as unusual inspiration for the living room. The carpets become a decorative pattern which is fit it on the entire floor surface.

It will make your room feel more spacious. That is a great interior idea for living room.

3. Aged Look Tile Flooring

This design ceramic floor tile inspired by rustic background. It is a worthy motif for discovering the natural effect.

This appearance took from the Collection D’Autore made by Eco Ceramica.

The tile is one of the most favorable design. Why? Because the design that is made as an unusual geometric on pattern design.

This patterned tile looks like from 14th-century ideas. It named The Maestri Ceramisti series to create from Eco Ceramica (in below).

You could draw the atmosphere such “mysterious fascination on flooring in the Palace of Avignon”.

Especially at the Pope’s French residence at that time.  The colors available in 10 various with some beautiful ornaments.

It can match with unique and great others flooring design in any room.

It is hand made painted patchwork design tiles. The details on a subtle floral motif, discover the aged look (below), great idea to install on a bathroom flooring. This tile idea took from Rinascimento collection and inspired by Eco Ceramica.

4. Vintage Look Tile

If you like the old interior design for your bathroom flooring, so look at in below is a sample from La Ceramica d’Eccellenza patterned series by Eco Ceramica. Touched with the great art of bohemian style idea.

Also suitable to create vintage style on the bathroom or living room, and discover aged appearance by Eco Ceramica.

This inspiration ideas below, become a great tile idea for vintage style bathroom and combine with floral patchwork. Inspired by La Sete Preziose collection.

It is a great choice for the aged atmosphere to install fashionable contemporary patchwork with mix and match (below). Inspired by the Colori Naturali-new collection.

5. Victorian Motif Tiles

If you like elegantly inside your bathroom flooring, install this decoration (below), full of blue pattern tiles. Inspired by Victorian-style motifs by Marcel Wanders.

The Victorian look idea tile is the most beautiful design by Eco Ceramica.

6. Miniature Tile

If you like a small touch, this design below is the best pattern created as the tiny tile mosaic.

7. Decorative Ceramic Tile Rugs

One of the luxury living room that center flooring with tile rug decorative design made by porcelain.  Inspired by Auris collection by Peronda.

The best vintage tile rug, base created in majolica patterns series inspired by Fap Ceramiche.

8. Hexagon Shaped Tile Ideas

If you like uniqueness flooring, it is a great idea to apply hexagon-shaped tiles on the bathroom. Discover modern tile style with blueish colors. Matched with Mediterranean pattern by Verso25.

One of the most beautiful tile ideas by designer Peronda. It is featuring two plain-colored patterned, also with four decors on relief patterns of blue or brown color. Recommended for country style bathroom.

Still hexagon tile design more beautiful with rustic looks from the Palatium inspired by Eco Ceramica.

Special hexagonal tile design for flooring touched with a classic motif.

9. Stone Look Tile

Highly recommended petrified stone to install on living room flooring. Made from Fossil, designer NG Kutahya Seramik.

The special effect comes from terracotta flooring tile. Made by designer Ceramica Sant’Agostino.

It pattern create by using an inkjet digital printing system. Your living room will look more natural and aged with this traditional Italian tile.

Below is discover terracotta effect from ceramic tile.

Terrecotta effect tile matches to fit on flooring and wall bathroom.

10. Wood Look Tile Designs

For the warm and aged atmosphere, you could flooring bedroom with wood porcelain Designer Iris Ceramica.

Beautiful petrified wood looks tile for living room flooring (below) from the Kauri. Designer by Oregon Tile and Marble.

11. Concrete Look Tile Idea

It is beautiful flooring idea to concrete look tile that combined with decorative flower pattern inserts. Base tile from porcelain, designer by La Fabbrica.

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